How to Serve Up a Better Off-Premise Guest Experience with Text Messaging

"So... Are you saying SMS texting should be a serious order-processing solution for our off-premise diners?"

Actually, yes. This guide shows why it works, how it's done, who is already doing it (hint: it's your competitors), and how to do it at your restaurant chain. 

With many of the world's top brands using mobile messaging to serve up world-class off-premises dining, it's time to investigate for your own brand how to leverage mobile messaging to optimize your counter, curbside, and delivery guest experience.


Download the playbook for text message-supported order pickup & delivery strategies

What's included:

  • What’s driving the continuing boom in off-premise dining preferences
  • How leading brands are already using text messaging to optimize off-premises dining
  • The common off-premise dining process gaps that texting uniquely fulfills
  • The overwhelmingly favorable statistics for using mobile messaging with ordering/fulfillment
  • Real-world examples of text-supported order pickup and delivery methods
  • Getting started: Restaurant-specific text messaging vendor selection criteria

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